Hi! we are Main Course,
we’ll be your servers today.

Today's chef special? Our famous combination of locally sourced experts on Social Media Marketing, Photography, Web & S.E.O. Nicely arranged by freshest Graphic Designers, served with an enthusiasm for good food!

The Group.

Our mission is to help restaurants keep in touch with their clientele and attract new consumers by using our very well defined marketing skills. The goal is to promote and network for the finest food industry of Texas, By capturing the greatness of their food using the highest level of commercial photography, editing, and social strategies.


Creative Director






Creative Director

Skills seared to perfection, a team from a very different cultural background and a few things in common, our passion for marketing and great food!

From a restaurant owner perspective. Poor photos do more harm than good to your restaurant’s image. The intricate balance of customer appeal and a unique identity found in your restaurant and the food you serve deserves to be captured in great detail, and we just happen to have amazing profesional restaurant photography and professional food photography. .


Web Content & S.E.O.

I know.. why would a restaurant need S.E.O.? Lets say you are hungry, and you are looking for a nearby restaurant. You will most likely Google for a specific type of restaurant that is near you and offers the kind of food you are looking for. If you come across a restaurant that matches your expectations, you will most definitely head on over there to have your next meal.(In case you missed it, you found that restaurant it's because someone did their S.E.O.

Social Marketing

Compared to traditional media like print ads, billboards, and radio, social media marketing is the one way the small independent restaurant can compete with the larger corporate chains. Don’t have million-dollar marketing budget? No problem all you need is The Main Course Group. (But just in case you do have a mil somewhere, We won't mind a million dollar client.


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The Recipe

1First step it's to convince us that your food its worth our time, I might sound a bit arrogant I know, but we only market for the best of the best, we have built our name and reputation on a great service that caters only to those who provide a fantastic product, Invite our team for lunch, we'll bring our light, cameras, you provide the action. We'll start promoting your venue the second we walk into the door, in this first meeting you'll have the opportunity to talk to us about your needs as a business.

2 On the second visit, will capture the best of your venue, the appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks using super cameras (I mean it, they have special powers) and lightning equipment, this photos will go thru a high quality post processing and editing, our award winning design team will use this images to create at the most delicious looking #FoodPorn campaigns that might include a new website, redesign menus, boosting more than your social pretense, but also making a direct impact on what your customers order.

3We'll take it a step further, by creating and establishing your brand in the entire World Wide Web (notice how good we made that sound?) More than creating a web pretense, we are willing to mange all your promotions, and ad campaigns, collect reviews and generate a email database for you, At this point we are ready to deliver measurable results! Using digital tracking technology our team will be able to show you the impact we have created, not that it's necessary as you would have notice by now an increment of guest.